Spectrum Ecology | Spectrum Ecology merges with Survey Graphics
Spectrum Ecology are experienced environmental consultants in Perth, WA. Providing environmental assessments, surveys, monitoring and other environmental consulting services to Perth, all its suburbs, regional Western Australia, such as the Gascoyne, Pilbara, South West, the Kimberleys, Wheatbelt and other remote areas, as well as throughout Australia. We are one of Perth's most reliable environmental consulting companies.
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Spectrum Ecology merges with Survey Graphics

Spectrum Ecology are excited to announce that we have recently merged with Survey Graphics – a remote sensing and mapping consultancy specialising in aerial mapping, three-dimensional map products, cartography, and GIS/CAD. Survey Graphics will greatly enhance our capacity and the scale at which we operate, generating significant synergies with the ecological and botanical expertise that Spectrum Ecology currently offers.

For more information on our expanded capabilities, head to www.surveygraphics.com.au. Otherwise, please feel free to contact Matt or Cam. We look forward to introducing you to our new partners.

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