Hanson | Rehabilitation Monitoring 2016-2018

Hanson Construction Materials conducts post-mining rehabilitation activities at their Gnangara operations, situated on the deep siliceous sands of the Swan Coastal Plain. Native vegetation at Gnangara is predominantly Banksia woodland, characterised by an overstorey of Banksia and Eucalyptus trees, with a diverse understorey of shrubs and herbaceous species. The first rehabilitation works were carried out in 1993 at the Gnangara site. Since this time, rehabilitation monitoring has been conducted annually.

Spectrum Ecology has conducted monitoring of rehabilitation sites at Hanson’s Gnangara operations since 2016 and with the assistance of Kings Park scientists developed Hanson’s Rehabilitation Monitoring Procedure in 2017. This procedure will allow monitoring to determine when a rehabilitated site has reached acceptable levels of ecological development..

Rehabilitation Monitoring
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