Spectrum Ecology | Flora & Vegetation Assessments & Surveys, Perth WA
Spectrum Ecology are experts in Flora and Vegetation Assessments and Surveys for the Perth region and regional Western Australia (WA) servicing a variety of industries and organisations. Our team of environmental consultants can help you with your flora and vegetation assessment requirements.
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Flora & Vegetation Assessments & Surveys

Serving Perth, Regional WA and Across Australia

Spectrum Ecology’s team of experienced botanists have conducted flora and vegetation assessments and surveys all over the state of Western Australia, including the Kimberley, Pilbara, Western Deserts, Mid-west, Geraldton Sandplains, Swan Coastal Plain, Goldfields and the south-west. Under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), “environment assessments are undertaken to enable environment and heritage protection and biodiversity conservation”.

Spectrum Ecology also has access to a diverse network of specialist botanists, ecologists, and taxonomists who can be called upon to ensure that your project is completed by the most knowledgeable team possible. The team is highly experienced in survey design and implementation, be it adhering to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for flora and vegetation assessment, or customising a survey design specifically for your project.


Our skills include:

  • Flora and Vegetation Surveys for Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Targeted Flora & Vegetation Surveys (e.g. Threatened and Priority Flora, weeds)
  • Vegetation Classification & Mapping (e.g. Threatened and Priority Ecological Communities)
  • Vegetation Condition Assessments
  • Flora Identification Services
Flora and Vegetation Assessments and Surveys Perth WA - Spectrum Ecology


Flora and Vegetation Assessments

Surveys for Environmental Impact Assessments
Detailed Flora & Vegetation Assessments
Reconnaissance Flora & Vegetation Assessments
Desktop Flora & Vegetation Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments (or EIAs) are required for developments, activities or undertakings where the environment might be potentially impacted as specified under the EPBC Act. Spectrum Ecology have the team you’re looking for to complete your required flora and vegetation surveys in a timely manner to ensure your development process runs as smoothly as possible. We have extensive experience in making sure our botanical assessments meet all relevant regulatory guidance and approvals requirements.


Targeted Flora Surveys

Threatened & Priority Flora, Threatened & Priority Ecological Communities and Weed Surveys

Occasionally projects both private and public require targeted significant flora and vegetation surveys. This is where a project or activity has been identified as potentially impacting on a threatened or priority species or communities as defined by environmental law, and sometimes where weed surveys are required to ascertain levels of invasive species. Spectrum Ecology have a vast amount of experience in conducting targeted flora and vegetation surveys when necessary.

Vegetation Classification & Mapping

Vegetation Mapping including Threatened and Priority Ecological Communities

As Spectrum Ecology & Spatial, we are the perfect solution to conduct vegetation classification and mapping, combining our botanical expertise with our spatial and mapping skills to provide a one stop shop. Our botanists and environmental scientists have the experience to complete flora and vegetation classification and mapping requirements for general use as well as threatened and priority ecological communities (TECs and PECs).

Vegetation Condition Assessments

Assessment & Monitoring for Planning, Prioritisation & Management

Vegetation Condition Assessments are commonly used to assist biodiversity conservation planning, prioritising, management and monitoring. These are carried out by Spectrum Ecology’s environmental scientists in a variety of ways depending on the specific project. Sometimes remote sensing is required, including multi-spectral, hyperspectral, RADAR and Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR). You can find out more about remote sensing here.

Flora Identification Services

Botanical Identification in Perth & throughout Western Australia

Flora Surveys sometimes need to include flora identification services, Spectrum Ecology can provide you with these services utilising our team of botanical experts. This can be particularly important for the identification of threatened and priority flora, TECs & PECs and weed species so that each can be subsequently managed appropriately.

Flora and Vegetation Assessments Perth WA Orchid
Vegetation Survey and Assessment South West Australia Perth Flower Image
Vegetation Survey and Assessments Perth WA Beetle and Flower
Flora and Vegetation Assessments & Surveys in the Pilabar and Gascoyne Murchison Areas of Western Australia Spinifex Landscape
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