Environmental Rehabilitation Monitoring

Providing environmental rehabilitation monitoring services across metropolitan Perth and throughout regional WA.

Development of monitoring procedure and completion criteria 

Spectrum Ecology has a strong theoretical background in restoration ecology and practical field experience in environmental rehabilitation monitoring both in Perth and throughout WA. We use this knowledge, along with a sound understanding of the system you are operating in, to develop realistic, achievable rehabilitation completion criteria that produce sound environmental outcomes, while attempting to satisfy all stakeholders (industry, community, and government). Completion criteria are designed to focus on the key drivers of restoration success, including landform stability and habitability, vegetation structure and composition, dominant and priority species, and threats from invasive species such as weeds.

Our highly qualified ecologists and environmental consultants can design efficient, informative custom monitoring programs, aimed at collecting the data required to measure against your completion criteria. Additionally, our programs provide meaningful insight into rehabilitation development, helping restoration practitioners better understand the drivers of restoration success, and to continuously improve environmental rehabilitation outcomes.


On-ground Rehabilitation Assessment

Spectrum Ecology has extensive experience in streamlining on-ground rehabilitation monitoring programs, optimising the monitoring methodology to ensure rehabilitation monitoring data captures all relevant information and is comparable with previous flora and vegetation surveys. On-ground monitoring is most suited to measuring species composition and richness, and a suite of techniques can be incorporated into the monitoring program, including:

  • Quadrats
  • Relevés
  • Transects
  • Traverses


Environmental Remote Sensing

Remote sensing technology offers a cost-effective and repeatable monitoring method, capable of providing quantifiable, whole-of-site assessment from the plant to the landscape scale. This data can be used to effectively track the development of rehabilitated sites through time, while significantly reducing the need for costly and labour-intensive, on-ground monitoring.

Sophisticated image analysis software may be trained to recognise spectral, textural, and structural signatures for key species, calculate a range of informative vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI, MSAVI), and identify and measure erosion features on recreated landforms.

Many useful metrics for rehabilitation monitoring may be derived from remotely sensed data, including:


For more information on Environmental Remote Sensing, visit our detailed remote sensing services page.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you develop a rehabilitation monitoring program that effectively integrates remote sensing technology and on-ground monitoring techniques to significantly reduce cost while satisfying Government regulatory requirements.

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Environmental Rehabilitation Monitoring Perth Western Australia WA
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