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At Spectrum Ecology, we believe in developing innovative solutions through cultivating co-operative partnerships, engaging industry, and embracing technological advancements.

Spectrum Ecology was founded by Dr Matt Macdonald and Dr Cam Mounsey in 2015, providing an opportunity to combine our curiosity for the natural world with our passion for innovation and new technology. Spectrum Ecology, as one of the leading environmental consulting companies in Perth, merged with one of the leaders in spatial analysis, Survey Graphics, to form Spectrum Ecology & Spatial, now a comprehensive provider of environmental consulting and remote sensing services across Perth and throughout regional Western Australia.

At Spectrum Ecology, we maintain strong ties with leading environmental leaders and agencies as well as and experienced professionals with unique skill sets in a variety of fields, to provide the capacity to meet the needs of our clients and to be able to tackle multidisciplinary projects with the one solution. Additionally, we collaborate with research institutions, governmental departments and leading academics to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovations in environmental and agricultural applications of remote sensing, as well as other leading technological solutions for our environmental consulting needs.

We are not your average environmental consulting company, providing a range of solutions and innovative ideas to ensure your project is delivered within budget and on time.

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Environmental Consulting Company Perth WA - Spectrum Ecology



Dr. Matt Macdonald

Principal Ecologist/Director

Matt has worked in the environmental consulting industry since 2009 and has completed over 100 botanical surveys throughout Western Australia. Matt has extensive experience completing large scale baseline flora and vegetation assessments, targeted conservation significant species surveys, native vegetation management, rehabilitation monitoring, ecological restoration and weed control roles for industry, local governments and community organisations. Prior to moving to WA, Matt received his PhD from the University of New England completing his thesis on rangeland weed ecology in western NSW.


Dr. Cam Mounsey


Dr Cam Mounsey is the Managing Director at Spectrum Ecology. Cam has a strong background in restoration and spatial ecology, completing his PhD in 2013 at the University of Western Australia. He has worked as a Senior Ecologist in the mining industry and is able to combine a solid theoretical background with a sound understanding of the practical realities that industry demands. He is highly experienced in rehabilitation assessment, including the use of remote sensing technology for quantifying vegetation development in rehabilitated sites. During his career, Cam has completed field surveys and research in the Pilbara, Mid-west, Goldfields, and South-west.


Damien Cancilla

Principal Zoologist

Working as a zoologist in the environmental consulting industry since 2006, Damien has completed an extensive range of zoological assessments across Western Australia (and the Northern Territory and Victoria). Damien has completed multiple large-scale baseline fauna assessments, targeted conservation significant fauna assessments, long-term conservation significant fauna monitoring programs and managed the completion of several multidisciplinary biological assessments. Damien is an experienced field zoologist and has led large and diverse multi-disciplinary field teams in remote and mining industry settings.


Astrid Heidrich

Senior Zoologist

Astrid started her career conducting ecological and morphological research on a number of lizard species in the rainforests of Central Vietnam. Astrid has been a zoologist in the environmental consulting industry since 2008 and has completed a wide range of zoological assessments including baseline terrestrial and subterranean fauna assessments, targeted conservation significant fauna surveys and long-term conservation significant fauna monitoring programs. Astrid is an experienced field zoologist with extensive practical knowledge of various field survey methods for EIA and monitoring.


Melissa Hay

Senior Ecologist

Melissa has worked as a botanist and ecologist at a range of environmental consultancies since 2006, completing over 85 flora and fauna surveys throughout the remote areas of WA. As a highly qualified field scientist, Melissa has successfully designed, implemented and led many small and large-scale surveys for environmental impact assessment, ongoing vegetation and rehabilitation monitoring programs and targeted searches. Melissa is also highly experienced at data processing and presentation, database management and possesses excellent report writing skills in a WA environmental consulting context.


Chris Parker

Senior Spatial Analyst / Ecologist

Chris has been working in the environmental consulting industry since 2011 on projects covering the Southwest, Midwest, Goldfields, Kimberley and Pilbara regions of WA. He is a highly skilled ecologist and remote sensing analyst who is currently completing his Masters in Geospatial Science. He is proficient in a host of image analysis and GIS software packages, utilising various spectral and textural classifiers via a range of methods, including Machine Learning, on data derived from UAV, manned aircraft, and satellite. Chris is able to draw on his extensive background in ecology to produce remote sensing solutions for a wide range of ecological applications.


Evan Hamilton

Senior Photogrammetrist/Cartographer

Evan Hamilton has 18-years experience working in the Cartographic and Photogrammetric (Aerial Survey) industry, producing a range of orthomosaic and three-dimensional map products for Mining, Forestry, and Local Government sectors. Evan is familiar with the wide and varied requirements of our clients and is highly skilled in the application of numerous software suites, including the processing of large and small (UAV) format data sets, topographical and contour mapping, and volume calculations. 


Dr Peter Ramzi

GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst

Dr Peter Ramzi has over 14-years experience in the fields of remote sensing, GIS analysis, and computer vision, and holds both a Masters Degree and PhD in Remote sensing and Photogrammetry. He is skilled in the production of orthomosaics, and three-dimensional map production and feature extraction using data acquired from satellite, manned-aircraft, and UAV. Peter is highly proficient in scripting in Python, C++ and Matlab for geospatial applications, and is experienced in the application of Machine Learning algorithms and cloud-based processing for large, complex datasets.


Keith Johnson

Computer Programmer

Keith Johnson is Spectrum Spatial’s Computer Programmer, specialising in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and cloud-based processing. Keith has over 12-years experience in the field and is currently concluding his PhD which explores the development of “life-long” learning processes in Machine Learning algorithms. Keith utilises his considerable knowledge to develop customised, streamlined, effective solutions to geospatial challenges, leveraging the latest machine learning methods and cloud computing to increase efficiencies and scale of processing to very large data sets.

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