Terrestrial Fauna

Spectrum Ecology’s team of experienced zoologists have conducted numerous fauna assessments across Western Australia (and the Northern Territory and Victoria) including the Kimberley, Pilbara, Western Deserts, Mid-west, Geraldton Sandplains, Swan Coastal Plain, Goldfields and the South-West.  Spectrum Ecology’s zoology team can complete all levels of terrestrial fauna assessments and also combine field assessments to include subterranean fauna and Short Range Endemic (SRE) invertebrate fauna assessments. Spectrum Ecology also has access to a diverse network of specialist zoologists, ecologists, and taxonomists who can be called upon to ensure that your project is completed by the most knowledgeable team possible.  The team is highly experienced in survey design, meeting all relevant Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for fauna assessments, technical guidance and national threatened species survey guidelines. 

 Our skills include:

  • Reconnaissance/Level 1 terrestrial fauna assessments
  • Comprehensive/Level 2 baseline terrestrial fauna (vertebrate and SRE invertebrate) assessments for Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Targeted fauna surveys (e.g. Threatened and Priority Fauna)
  • Monitoring programs for conservation significant fauna
  • Fauna habitat mapping and assessments
  • Liaison with relevant experts to incorporate subterranean fauna assessments
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